January Who’s News

The Club welcomes new member Ray Walker riding a GSXR750F – "F" for first model. Ray crashed on his first ride, the great Ocean Road, December 13th – bad gravel roadworks, unsignposted, leading up to, and around a corner. He survived the 38 deg C Dams Ride, and was nearly skittled on the Western Highway on Geoff Jone’s Buningyong ride when a car pulled in front of him, saw him, stopped, and then went again! His address is 36 Winifred St Pascoevale South and home phone number 9383-6929.

The MTCV Home Page has taken another 150 hits last month and 2,878 since April 1996.

Club Assets. The Club is interested in locating its various assets. If you have, or know where such items as the Club flag(s), the Club tent, etc. are, please notify any of the committee. This is the last time I will post this request as the response has been dismal. Maybe whoever has the gear is no-longer a member.

Seen at the December Social Sip: Lyn Duncan, Jon Riddett & Zara, Davorin Zivkovic, Ian Payne, Les Leahy, Dianne Welsford, June Baker, Glen, Rob and Mandy Matricciani, Ron and Julie Johnston, Darren Morecombe, John Willis, and Nick Casemore.

The Club Christmas Camp was held at Mt Buffalo Caravan Park, Porepunkah, as per last year. For those of you who have never stayed in the caravan park, it is situated at the base of Mt Buffalo, a fantastic motorcycle road. Mt Hotham and Falls Creek are within an easy half day ride, and Bright township is a few km away, with all amenities available. Seen at the camp were Les Leahy (TT350), Rob Langer (Dominator and van), Ben Warden (ZXR, car, trailer), Julie, Robert, Laura, and David McCall (car), Ian Payne (RF900), Kerrie Gooding (car), Derek Atkinson (CBR600), Kathy Robinson (car), Dave Ward (Ducati 748, van), Bronwyn Manifold (RGV250), John Willis (TL1000), Steve Leyland and Sue Wells (R1100RS), Jon Riddett and Zara (SZR600, 4WD), Davorin Zivkovic (K100RT), Wayne Grant, Dianne Welsford (car), Oswald the dog, and Paul Tallents (YZF600). 22 people.

On the Australia Day Weekend, at the end of January, we will be heading for Tallangatta, staying in the Victoria Hotel as per previous years. Accommodation costs are of the order of $15 per night. Leaving Melbourne late Friday 22nd will give us three solid days of exploring the Snowy Mountains Highway and the delights of south eastern NSW. Day 1: Kiandra via Khancoban and the Murray Valley Highway, Thredbo, Corryong. Day 2: Kiandra via Elliots Way, Tumut, Tumbarumba loop (easy day). Day 3: Thredbo, Bombala, Tathra and return. The die hards wanted to return home via Omeo last year but were thwarted by the rain and fog. This could be an option, now that the Omeo Road is completely sealed. You’ll need new tyres. There hasn’t been a Tallangatta yet where someone hasn’t worn down to the canvas, myself included. Tyre wear rate (fun indicator!) is horrific, to put it bluntly. The roads are sensational, the weather usually fine and hot, and the scenery spectacular. See Ben with $20 to reserve your accommodation. Book those annual leave days now.

President Ian Payne underwent an operation on his left elbow in early December to remove some of the metal placed in there after his April 1997 accident. He is back riding, concentrating on improving his skill level. He is riding better than ever, regular trips up and down Mt Buffalo at the Christmas Camp no doubt adding to his confidence.

Theo Kalkandis (crashed TL1000S) has purchased a new Yamaha R1. We look forward to seeing him out on a few Club rides with his new bike.

Don from Nova Honda wrote off his Ducati 916 Senna when he crashed on the 45 km/h right hand corner heading up out of Marysville towards Lake mountain. He suffered serious injuries and is in Epping Hospital. It is expected he will make a full recovery. This information was supplied by a non-member and has not been confirmed.

Danny Vits has replaced his aging Kawasaki ZX9 with a new BMW R1100RS – the ones that look like Ducatis from the rear. He’s clocked up 5,000 km already, without going on a Club ride!

The Club extends its condolences to Tom Saville and family. Tom’s mother died recently.

Darren Hosking crashed his yellow Honda VTR1000 on the Meeniyan Ride, Sunday 20th December, on the 3 km Arawata dirt section, 200 metres before the end. It was raining and a section of clay had become exposed. It was diabolically slippery. Darren fell off at almost walking pace, but still incurred considerable cosmetic damage to the bike. He was able to ride home. Expect to see him mobile again in February.

Seen at the Club Xmas BBQ, Fairfield park: Patrick Davies, Nick Casemore and Christine, Julie Johnston and 2 kids, Lyn Duncan, Darryn Webster, Kerrie Gooding, Wayne Grant, Mark Turner, Jon Riddett and Zara, Theo Kalkandis and son, Ton Schrader, Ron Johnston, Darren Hosking, Paul Tallents, Steve Leyland, Peter Philferan, Danny Vits, Julie, David, Laura and Robert McCall, Craig Morley, Darren Morecomb, Tim Walker, Dave Moore, Rob and Mandy Matricciani, Ben warden, Ian Payne, Sue Wells, Dave Ward, Bronwyn Manifold, and Davorin Zivkovic.

This was a sensational turnout – 38 people (only 7 less than last year) – considering it was a blistering 42 deg C and declared a day of total fire ban. Gas BBQs were banned but we were able to use the free electric one. And as there was not another living soul within sight, gaining access to the BBQ was not a problem. First incident of the day was a very keen parking attendant setting about the business of booking the various bikes and cars parked on the grass. Wayne Grant did some fast talking, but not fast enough as a short time later a pair of blue clad members of the constabulary appeared walking briskly towards us. Wayne strode out once more to tackle them head on. He somehow convinced them of our net worth, and had they considered shares as part of their investment portfolio? Incredible.

Second incident of the day was Patrick Davies suffering severe dehydration after catching a lift down from Ballarat on the back of a mates bike to the city, then walking to Fairfield Park and arriving early, then walking the length of the Boulevarde and back in search of the Club. He was dry retching continuously near the end of the day. Danny Vits dropped him off at a friend’s house in Richmond. They took him to hospital where he was put on an intravenous drip and kept overnight. His mother collected him the next day. Meanwhile the rest of us were having canoe fights in the river!

There has been a vehicle safety recall on 1998 Suzuki GSXR750Ws and TL1000RWs. The fuel pump may suffer from a loss of pressure leading to an unsafe riding condition.

For Sale: GSXR600 new original standard tyres, clip-on handlebars, brake pads, rear sets. Also rear Michelin High Sport 170/60/17 race, near new $150. See Ben for details.

Ron Johnston and family moved house recently. His new address is 22 Birkenhead Drive Kilsythe 3137. His phone numbers have not changed.


Ben Warden , Editor