Inverloch                     Sunday 15th February,  2009


Honda CBR1000

Misho Zrakic/Pina Garasi

Suzuki GSXR1000

Rob Jones

Honda CBR1000

Ian Payne (rear)

Suzuki GSXR1000

Cliff Peters

Honda CBR1000

Paul Southwell

Kawasaki ZX10

Graeme Tattersall

Honda CBR1000

Chris Tran (1st)

Kawasaki ZX10

Dave Hives

Honda CBR1000

Dave Ward (leader)

Yamaha FZ6

Cameron Stevens

Honda CBR1000

Ken Goederee

Yamaha R1

Michael (1st ride)

Honda CBR1000

Glen (1st ride)

Honda CBR954

Mark Rhodes (1st ride)

Honda CBR600

Lee Solomon

Honda VFR800

Peter Fisher (1st ride)


Weather was sunny with a little wind.  400 kms door to door.

With the bushfires creating a hassle through the Yarra Ranges area, the Committee decided to change the next few rides to stay out of harms way. It looked like most of us saw this itinerary change on the web as we had a healthy turnout of 16 riders for the day! We had one new rider, Chris Tran on a Blade, just back from QLD and keen to get out and sample the area. At the first stop I noticed he was riding without gloves and mentioned that it is not a good idea. He now knows and will fix the problem for next time.

Graeme brought along his new bike, a Kawasaki ZX10R, in black. It looks very nice while new, but after a few Club rides, that could change!

Ben was not around as he and Julie were in NZ celebrating Trevor and Barb’s wedding. Then they would be off touring around the country side.

But most of the other regulars were there. Pina, still without her bike, was on the back with Misho. She is praying every night for the bike to ready for the Tassie trip. Even Misho has been down to the repairer bribing them with beers to hurry them along.

The ride would take us along the same route as per the other week with the only difference being the break up at Drouin.

As we were about to leave, Lee Solomon arrived. It was great to see him back after his little get off the other week, bike repaired in another colour. It looks the part. He left us at the morning tea stop.

At 10.15am we departed via the freeway, turning off at the Longwarry exit to make our way to Drouin. Next we picked up the Korumburra Road to Ranceby, Poowong and finally Loch for morning tea after 104 km. It was a very casual stop with the talk about the fires and their impact on the roads and, of course, the shops and areas we ride to. It will be very strange to ride through the ruins in the next few weeks but interesting to see how long it will take to return to normal.

After morning tea we headed off to Krowera, Woolamai, Kilcunda and around the outskirts of Wonthaggi to run along the coast road from Cape Paterson to our lunch stop at Inverloch. We parked right outside the front of the shops. Everyone had either fish and chips or salad rolls. It was very pleasant in the sunshine discussing Paul Southwell’s choice of new bike: Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki; new, demo or second hand? Tough decisions to be made soon as there are some bargains at the moment. It has never been a better time to buy if you have the cash.

Those heading to Tassie in the next couple weeks are looking forward to the trip and cannot wait, judging by the talk at lunch. What tyres to wear, what gear to take and where will we go? It's all too hard.

After lunch, time to fill up and head off towards Korumburra. It was very quiet along this section of road. I thought there would be lots of people out here today, away from the closed off areas. But no, we had it all to ourselves.

We rode pretty much the way back as we came, finishing up at Drouin for a cuppa to end the day. Chris headed off quickly as well as the Rob Jones crew who wanted to get back for the Beer O’Clock session. When we all left Drouin, riders took alternate ways home which appeared not to make much difference, either straight down the freeway or via Longwarry and Pakenham!

Thanks to all participants, particularly Ian for the rear rider duties.


Dave Ward