Who�s News �������������� January 2009

The Club web site at www.melbsportsbike.net.au accumulated 707 hits during January, down 111 on last month. Total visits are 57,510 since April 1996. The counters on the other pages after another month indicate that the Calendar page took 505 hits (total 7879 since 28th October 2008) and Great Roads 165 hits (total 2474).

Seen at the Social Sip, Marks Place on Thursday 7th January: Julie and Ben Warden, Trevor and Barbara Rolfe Harris, Kate Stewart and John Rousseaux, Ron Johnston, Ha Du, Tim Emons, Chris Pointon, Dennis Lindemann, Ivan Radywonik, Kurn Bridgeman, Ian Payne and Kerrie Gooding, Pina and Giulietta Garasi, Mark Rigsby, Peter Feistl, Jacinta Thomas, Tony Stegmar and Lyn Duncan.

The Club Participant of the Year is based on aggregate points accumulated at 1 point per ride, an extra point for leading or being rear rider, and 1 point per magazine article (maximum 2 per magazine). Attending one or more days of a weekend event scores 3 points for leading, 3 for rear riding duties and 2 points for participating.

The count is for the 2009/10 year ending the ride before the 2010 AGM in July. After seven months, the top ten count is Ben Warden (62), Ha Du (57), Ron Johnston (48), Pina Garasi (45), Ian Payne (37), Dave Ward (36), Cliff Peters (35), Dennis Lindemann (30), Paul Southwell (29), and Tony Stegmar (26.5).

Lots of movement this month: Ha taking sick for a couple of rides and Ben doing a couple of leads sees Ben move well clear; Ron has overtaken Pina with a series of rear riding duties doubling his points; Paul is out injured dropping two positions; Dave and Ian swapped places and Cliff jumped a couple of places. Dennis maintains station and Tony hangs on to the final position despite walking for a month, half a point ahead of Misho Zrakic on 26 whose total score consists of rides (no leading, rear riding or articles).

Front Cover: Kinglake West new post office, 11 months after the fires, end of Euroa ride, 17th January 2010. From left Cliff Peters, Pina Garasi, Rob Langer, Ian Payne, Ha Du, Geoff Jones, Dave Williams, Ivan Radywonik, Cindy Lee, Ron Johnston and Dennis Lindemann.

Welcome to new member, Adam Wright, riding a Triumph 675, who finally signed up last Sunday. He has been riding with us since last August � so long I thought he was already a member. Until he saw Cindy Lee, Honda VTR250, signing up and thought he should commit as well.Cindy has done 50,000 km on firstly a GPx250 and now the VTR in the past twelve months. She has worn out her riding buddies and is most glad to have found us, though with four tough rides last month (Loch 460 km, Euroa 440 km, Mt Donna Buang 210 km and Licola 440 km, 40 deg), we may be wearing her out, if not the little 250. Both Adam and Cindy are capable riders, worthy and very active members. We wish them safe traveling and many fun filled rides.

Membership now stands at 78.Official kilometres for the month: 4030 � including Jindabyne 2480.

Email from Henry Wright, Friday 8th January: Hi All, to make the crash reports more interesting people who crash on Hondas need to replace them with a bike of a different make. Then we can have some interesting discussion on the crashability, feel at the limit, the best suspension settings for inverted flight and so on.

Sorry to hear about the crashes, but in some more positive news, Mai and I had a great honeymoon in Thailand. We went to the Phi Phi islands, Krabi, Chang Mai and Bangkok, with a stay in Singapore and KL. Even managed to hire a Yamaha Mio 125 scooter in Chiang Mai to do battle with the Thai traffic! Some interesting interpretation of the road 'rules' over there. I also noted the awesome safety supplied by a helmet which was made from that sort of plastic Macdonald's toys are made from. Other than that, I can report that Thai roads are generally in excellent condition (otherwise they get washed away in the wet) and from riding in the tour bus, there are some great twisty roads through the mountain jungles near the Golden Triangle.

Pina Garasi�s bike is still in Bombala after blowing #4 spark plug clean out of the head at Bombala, 550 km into the Jindabyne trip. The plan is to courier it back to Melbourne using the local hay truck. But with full loads of hay precluding additional payloads, and Pina�s patience wearing thin and her bike cravings getting stronger, the original �get the bike in the truck� plan is becoming more appealing.


Who�s Bruised?

Email from Ern Reeders, Sunday 10th January: �OK, with the kind help of the Victorian Police, I located the rider I collided with, spoke to him on the dog and bone and he's admitted fault. He made a report at Tallangatta police station on the day. He was making an avoidance manoeuvre re an oncoming 4WD and, on correction, ended up on my side of the road. We've come to an agreement re costs. We both went down.Me on the right hand side.Damage to left hand side was done in recovery. There's several dings on my helmet rhs around the temple, but no scratches, so maybe I hit his mirror and was KO'd by that. It's also possible that I had temporary loss of consciousness before the impact; am getting tests just to be sure. On Wednesday the paw gets X-rayed to check for alignment; 2 weeks later the slab comes off; another 2 weeks the wires get removed.�

Email from Ern Reeders, 14th January: �Broker was FamousBike (ffs) who took over from Arista; same crowd as MyBike. Underwriter is Callinden. They've been terrific, organising and pushing the assessor and repairer. Quote from the always excellent C&C in Thomastown is $4.4k. I had gear cover so the helmet write-off is covered - $630. Many thanks to Rob and Feisty for bike and gear recovery.

Email from Ern Reeders, 28th January: �Wires were supposed to come out yesterday but not enough 'bony mass' yet so wrist is in splint for another two weeks. Hand physio prescribes continuing exercises to keep flexible for another 4 weeks, then start on strengthening work.Should regain full use, thank god. Cost of ambo trips and treatment = $2000.So check your coverage.Happily TAC covers mine. Best wishes to Paul with his back and Tony with his hand.I've been going to the Northern Hospital too, Tony, and can't complain about the treatment. My fussy physio reckons the orthopods there are alright.

Paul Southwell is recuperating slowly while is shed is going up rapidly. He starts back at work next week � 2 hours for two days for two weeks.Back is still a bit achey and ankle is just starting to come good. With respect to the bike, he is still in negotiations with three insurance companies, battling confusion over his old policy and current policy, a big monetary difference. He expects to not buy back the wreck but get paid out and then purchase another interim bike, a 2008 Honda CBR1000 with less than 20,000 km. This bike will tide him over until the new BMW1000SS drops in price to around $20K, maybe the middle of next year. He feels the BMW, with all its sensational electrics is the way to go.We look forward to all his plans bearing fruit.

Ben Fuller crashed his Hayabusa riding up Mt Baw Baw (6th Dec). The bike has been replaced with a new GSXR1000 which he used to good effect on the Jindabyne weekend.

Tony Stegmar, after crashing at Broadford on lap three of a ride school, will be out of action for quite a period. Not only has he a broken little finger, but has complications with his knee and shoulder. The bike has made it back to the home of an instructor.No updates for a while as he is difficult to contact.