Australia Day Weekend, Jindabyne����������������� Saturday 23rd to Tuesday 26th January 2010

The Committee has booked the Torino Lodge at the NSW Sport and Recreation Centre in Jindabyne. This accommodation has two beds per room (7 rooms) with communal bathroom facilities, and a large kitchen/living area with a big screen TV. We have stayed there a few times before and are so impressed with the cost, quality and food, we thought we had better come back! And back. And back!

The Australia Day holiday falls on Tuesday 26th of January. Given the distances involved (700 km on the first day and last days), a four day weekend allows us to take full advantage of the great location. The plan is to ride up on Saturday, ride around the Snowy Mountains Sunday and Monday, and return to Melbourne on Tuesday. This means three nights accommodation. You'll need to take annual leave for the Monday.

Typically temperatures are mid 30�s this time of year, but at this altitude the temperatures will be around 10 degrees cooler making for ideal riding conditions.

As usual, this special event is offered on a strictly first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to members There are 14 places. You cannot book for just one night. Pay $125 deposit into the Club coffers to reserve your bed for three nights. Meals are included for the first night. The pub $15 steak night (self cook) should do another night meal.

All you need is your toothbrush, a change of clothes and near new tyres. Street legal, race replica tyres will not last much more than two days so regular road tyres are a more sensible option, unless you are prepared to change them.

Definite starters: Cliff and Barb Peters, Ron and Julie Johnston, Misho Zrakic and Pina Garasi, Ben Warden, Danny Hawker, Ha Du. Is your name on this list?