Who�s News �������������� December 2009

The Club web site at www.melbsportsbike.net.au accumulated 808 hits during December, up 106 on last month. Total visits are 56,803 since April 1996. The counters on the other pages after another month indicate that the 2009 Calendar page took 645 hits (total 6629 since 28th October 2008) and Great Roads totals 181 hits (total 2128).

Seen at the Social Sip, Marks Place on Thursday 3rd December: Julie and Ben Warden, Trevor and Barbara Rolfe Harris, Kate Stewart and John Rousseaux, Ron Johnston, Rhys Williams, Ha Du, Tim Emons, Rob Jones, Chris Pointon, Dennis Lindemann, Paul Southwell, Ivan Radywonik, Kurn Bridgeman and Ian Payne. 17 people

The Club Participant of the Year is based on aggregate points accumulated at 1 point per ride, an extra point for leading or being rear rider, and 1 point per magazine article (maximum 2 per magazine). Attending one or more days of a weekend event scores 3 points for leading, 3 for rear riding duties and 2 points for participating.

The count is for the 2009/10 year ending the ride before the 2010 AGM in July. After six months, the top ten count is Ha Du (53), Ben Warden (53), Pina Garasi (40), Ron Johnston (40), Dave Ward (34), Ian Payne (33), Paul Southwell (29), Cliff Peters (29), Dennis Lindemann (27), and Tony Stegmar (24.5). Ben has closed the gap on Ha and now shares equal lead position. Pina remains third, but is now joined by Ron. Paul is out injured but has held his position, Cliff now on the same score. Dennis is back in the game after returning from his overseas trip and Tony hangs on to the final position despite walking for a month, half a point ahead of John Rousseaux.

Front Cover: Montage of Porepunkah Christmas Camp activities and people. Main centre picture: Ron Johnston, Dave Ward, Ha Du, Peter Feistl, Danny Hawker, Damian Jones, Rene Jones, Suzi Pollard, Chris Pointon, Misho Zrakic, Pina Garasi, Ian Payne, Kurn Bridgeman, Cliff Peters.

Small pictures clockwise from top left: Ha Du (rear) in microlight over Mt Buffalo; Craig Morley, Mt Buffalo Chalet car park, Cliff Peter�s ZX10, Dartmouth Dam wall; Ern Reeders sitting in ambulance at Omeo; Julie Warden, Cliff Peters and Ron Johnston, Mt Buffalo Chalet carpark; Smoko Trout Farm; Tony Stegmar near Old Tallangatta; Gavin Dyson, Danny Hawker, Noah, Katrina and Jared Hollis, Carol Dyson, sunset at The Horn; Misho Zrakic and Pina Garasi near The Horn; Bethanga Bridge with 11 bikes and riders; The Horn picnic table after sunset. Ben Warden behind the lens (except microlight and Julie Warden�s fish); art work by Peter Feistl. Montage and individual photos available on request.

Dec 20th. Positive feedback from a new rider Pierre Ong (Ducati 1098) Hi Ben, Thanks for letting me attend the ride the other day. I had a great time and came across some fantastic roads.  Some were a real challenge. Your club is well structured and the people are great. I look forward to attending more rides. Cheers, Pierre.

Welcome to new member, Dave Williams, riding a Honda CBR600. There are long gaps between his rides so it feels like he is a new rider each time � but not quite. He knows the Corner Marking System too well and unobtrusively �just fits in�.He tries to get out as often as possible. We wish him many happy and safe rides.

Similarly, welcome to new Associate member, Barbara Peters. I see partner Cliff has just notched up 7 years service and Barb has been a strong supporter throughout. Barb is a always chasing me for photos to make DVDs for Cliff�s birthdays, Christmas, etc. She watches the Club web page like a hawk � which is great � keeping me on my toes. We look forward to her continued support.


Who�s Bruised?

In Ern Reeder�s words, �I was knocked unconscious in a collision on the Bogong High Plains Road.  Last thing I remember is a vehicle coming towards me cutting the corner but still some distance away.  In Bairnsdale I was treated for a broken wrist and went on to Traralgon the next day for two surgeries on it.  It's now plated, screwed, wired and splinted for the next five weeks. Special thanks to Peter Feistl and Rob Langer who got my gear and bike back to Melbourne. Thanks all for your good wishes and apologies for not replying sooner - my normal mobile phone holding all the messages was back in Porepunkah while I was hospital-hopping across Gippsland.�The bike seemed to survive the impact very well though may have sustained additional damage after the crash when relocated by ute back to Omeo by �helpful� passing drivers. Good intentions, bad outcomes.

Paul Southwell dropped his 2008 Fireblade on the Chum Creek Road, late Saturday morning, 19th December. Riding alone, Paul finished up face down, with the bike on top of him, dripping petrol. He managed to extricate himself and crawl back up to the road and flag down a passing motorist. He finished up in hospital with a fractured L1 (lower back lumbar) and spent 5 days in hospital mainly under observation. He also suffered ligament damage to his ankle but is expected to make a full recovery without medical intervention. Dave Ward recovered Paul�s bike the next day, the most serious issue being smashed cases. Everything else is repairable. Paul is buoyant and optimistic, repair/replacement possibilities endless.(That or the drugs!) Dave Ward could make him an offer too good to refuse. In the meantime, Cliff and Barb Peters are helping knock down the garage, a precursor to building a new bike garage, itself a precursor to large renovations to the house.Plenty to keep Paul and Jo occupied.

Tim Emons dropped his yellow 2008 Fireblade a few weeks ago, keeping it quiet for a while � until all the later crashes emerged. He was just starting a private ride with a mate when he lost the rear end exiting a roundabout. It is thought cold tyres were the culprit along with other mitigating circumstances mainly concerned with rider error. He was on last Sunday�s ride with no ill effects.

Ben Fuller crashed his Hayabusa riding up Mt Baw Baw (6th Dec). Ben walked away unscathed apart from scrapes and bruises but the bike was effectively destroyed in its passage off the road, landing 50 metres down a steep incline in thick forest, impossible to retrieve by hand. Rob Jones used his crane to lift it out the following day. I understand Ben is looking at a new GSXR1000.

Kurn Bridgeman continues to make slow but steady progress after his horrific crash in Tasmania resulting in a smashed hip which then set badly and had to be redone. He is walking with a stick but can ride his new Honda CBR600 and loves it. We set a couple of stern tests for him over the Xmas Camp period combining very hot weather, high humidity and endless tight twisties up and down steep mountains. It was very hard work for the fit and healthy, let alone the recuperating. He came through grinning, though attempting to ride the 300 km back to Melbourne after a hard day�s riding was probably unwise, the body taking sleep, like it or not. But he survived.

We wish all the above riders full and speedy recoveries and look forward to seeing them riding again. And now some feedback via MSR Google Group:

Peter Jones says: OMG, Glad to hear you�re okay Ern! Bloody cars! How much room do they need?  Just remember speak to me for TAC advice. How long were you in hospital? Do you need help at home? Any permanent damage? Would a new Ducati help the recovery process? And Tim, what's going on, these Honda's must be cursed! Happy to hear you�re okay though.

I've been away for a week in Goulburn NSW, when I got back the first thing I wanted to see was the R1, (missed her dearly). I then checked the emails and I see Ern's off, Tim's off, all this on top of Paul's accident. What is it with these bikes? Sounds like a case of Hondaoffossis. Would I be correct in assuming Honda's have the highest number of crashes for the Club? Maybe the TAC levy should only apply to Hondas' Club members. Please consider this when buying your next ride. Hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas New Year at Porepunkah. Dave, the track Blade looks awesome and it looks like there's an opportunity to make some more!

Tim Emons says: Oh dear, not good news Ern! Hope you have a speedy recovery. I finally ran out of talent and had my first "off" a couple of weeks back (nobody's fault but my own...), but was lucky enough to be able to ride home. (I'm sure this would've happened sooner, had I not elected to ride such a bland, safe and predictable machine...) Hope to see you back out there soon!