Who�s News �������������� June 2010

Ian Payne turned 60 on the 15th of May. Seen celebrating at the Baden Powell Hotel on Saturday the 5th June: Ian Payne and Kerrie Gooding, Ben and Julie Warden, Bronwyn Manifold and David Ward, Cliff and Barb Peters, Misho Zrakic and Pina Garasi, Steve Leyland and Sue Wells (ex members), Paul Southwell, Tim Emons, Lyn Duncan and Steve Hunt (Ian�s bike mechanic). Ben produced his book of old photos showing how we have all aged disgracefully.

The Club web site at www.melbsportsbike.net.au accumulated 640 hits during May, down 80 on last month. Total visits are 61,203 since April 1996. The counters on the other pages after another month indicate that the Calendar page took 507 hits (total 10,958, down 93 since 28th October 2008) and Great Roads 99 hits (total 3088).

Membership now stands at 84.Official kilometres for the month of June: 1544 km, down 34 from last month. Official Club kilometres for the month (people x ride length): 15,551 km, down 3,118 on last month � due to the generally cold and wet riding conditions. Lucky to get 10 bikes a ride this month.

Seen at the Social Sip, Marks Place on Thursday 3rd June: Julie and Ben Warden, Barb and Cliff Peters, Kate Stewart and John Rousseaux, Ron and Julie Johnston, Lyn Duncan, Paul Sorenson, Jacinta Thomas, Chris Pointon, Shane Byrne, Paul Southwell, and Peter Philferan. 15 people

The Club Participant of the Year is based on aggregate points accumulated at 1 point per ride, an extra point for leading or being rear rider, and 1 point per magazine article (maximum 2 per magazine). Attending one or more days of a weekend event scores 3 points for leading, 3 for rear riding duties and 2 points for participating.

The count is for the 2009/10 year ending the ride before the 2010 AGM in July. After twelve months the count is complete. The top ten positions are: 1. Ben Warden (107), 2. Pina Garasi (81), 3. Ron Johnston (73), 4. Ha Du (70), 5. Cliff Peters (58), 6. Ian Payne (54), 7. Misho Zrakic (49), 8. Dave Ward (47), 9. Paul Southwell (46), and 10. Dennis Lindemann (45). Still the same old top 10 but some movement with Paul sneaking past Dennis after a couple of rear rides, Cliff jumping over Ian and Dave Ward (now living in Tasmania) and Misho squeezing past Dave as well. John Rousseaux was the best of the rest with 40.5 points. See elsewhere for the printout of the last third of the year. If there are errors or omissions, please advise Ben so as to keep the data as accurate as possible.

Front Cover: taken at the big rock at Thomson�s Dam, Sunday 13th June.Back row: Ben Paterson, Geoff Shugg, Cliff Peters, Jason Wilson, Pina Garasi, Misho Zrakic, Dennis Lindemann, Paul Southwell. Front Row: John McGuiness, David Chisma, Ha Du and Chris Pointon. Ben behind the lens.Thanks to Peter Feistl for moving a few heads around between photos � it�s pretty hard to get everyone paying attention/looking beautiful in the same photo!

21st June email from Ben to Henry Wright: I have a question from my 87 year old father-in-law regarding your last article where you noted the "Titanium and sodium filled exhaust valves". I thought it was a misprint in that the valves were made from a compound including titanium and sodium, but he reckons, no, on diesel engines he has seen hollow valves filled with sodium. How does this work? In what form is the sodium? How does it make the valve run cooler? Henry�s response (same day): Sometimes the valves are made of titanium alloy. This is used due to its high strength to weight ratio. It also has a higher melting point than steel. Sodium (metal) can be used inside either titanium or steel valves. The valve stem is hollow and filled with sodium. The sodium is used as it has a high heat dissipation factor and so transfers heat into the cylinder head more efficiently where it is taken away by the coolant.

Ern Reeders update. Now approaching the six month point in the rehab of the broken wrist. Have been able to swap from Muslim to Christian style clean-up in the WC.  Big success ;-} Also had my first ride on the pushbike recently.  So good to be out there on two wheels. I'm working up the courage to manhandle the Fireblade out of the shed to fire it up and go down and fill the tank.  Have been periodically topping up the battery with a trickle charge.  Think there's a fair chance that the cheap Chinese battery will cark it after a few turnovers.  Cross fingers. Have set myself a target, and a reward, of 5 days ski touring in the Southern Alps of New Zealand in August. The hand therapist's eye brows went up big-time when I told her this was what we were aiming for with the rehab.Getting travel insurance for the trip, LOL, hasn't proved to be easy.

Email from Shane Byrne, Wed 23rd June. Just letting you know I won�t be riding for some 3 - 4 months (I hope that�s all) due to operation to fix right shoulder problem next Wednesday.



Proposal to amend the Constitution:

It has been drawn to the Committee�s attention that there is an anomaly in the membership requirements where a person can join without attending a ride, just a �function�.  The wording has changed over the years and this critical element has got lost.  Hence this proposal attempts to rectify this oversight.




3.�������� (1)������� A natural person who is nominated and approved for membership as provided in these rules is eligible to be a member of the Association on payment of the annual subscription payable under these rules. Written acceptance of the Association�s Road Rules, as specified in Appendix 3, will be a requirement for membership.The categories of membership will be:



(a)������� Full Membership

Full membership will be open to persons who have attended at least three (3) functions organized by the Association and who satisfy the Committee that they would be worthy members.Applications will be sponsored by two (2) financial Full members and one (1) Committee member.



(a)������� Full Membership

Full membership will be open to persons who are active motorcyclists, have attended at least three (3) rides organised by the Association and who satisfy the Committee that they would be worthy members.Applications will be sponsored by two (2) financial Full members and one (1) Committee member.