Who�s News �������������� March 2011

The Club web site at www.melbsportsbike.net.au accumulated 758 hits during March, up 59 on last month. Total visits are 67,695 since April 1996. The counters on the other pages after another month indicate that the Calendar page took 575 hits (total 16,137, up 54) since 28th October 2008 and Great Roads 109 hits (total 4207).

Membership now stands at 87 (up 4 this month).Official kilometres for the month of March: 7,524. Official Club kilometres for the month (people x ride length) is 85,624 km, the biggest total for the past 6 years, boosted by Tassy and Dargo. The 2011 year total is 164,202 km; average yearly total 327,813 since 2005. The people km per injury for 2011 is 85,624 km � one serious crash this year; long term it is 122,930 km per (serious) injury.

Seen at the Social Sip, Mark�s Place in Carlton on Thursday 3rd March: Julie and Ben Warden, Ron Johnston, Cliff and Barb Peters, John Rousseaux and Kate Stewart, Elaine Duffy, Peter Feistl, Bill Simpson, Cindy Lee and Carola Reyes. 12 people.

The Club Participant of the Year is based on aggregate points accumulated at 1 point per ride, an extra point for leading or being rear rider, and 1 point per magazine article (maximum 2 per magazine). Attending one or more days of a weekend event scores 3 points for leading, 3 for rear riding duties and 2 points for participating.

The count is for the 2010/11 year ending the ride before the 2011 AGM in July. After nine months the top ten positions are: Ben Warden (73), Cliff Peters (53), Pina Garasi (52), Ron Johnston (45.5), John Willis (37), Paul Southwell (36), Misho Zrakic (34), Ian Payne (32), Tim Emons (31), and John Rousseaux (28). All positions remained relative except President Ian Payne dropped a place.

Front Cover: Friday 4th March to Monday 14th March, Tasmania. Top left: Leven Gorge lookout; top right: Tullah Resort with Lake Roseberry in the background; bottom left: Derby, Day 7; bottom right: lookout heading for Moina, middle left: Mt Wellington fog. See magazine articles for names to faces.

Back Cover: Sunday 3rd, Dargo Ride, Tyers. Back row: Rob Langer, Mark Copeland, Tony Stegmar, John Willis, John Rousseaux, Bill Simpson, Paul Southwell and Cliff Peters. Front row: Kurn Bridgeman, Tim Emons, Pierre Ong, Misho Zrakic, Pina Garasi and Danny Hawker. Ben Warden behind the lens. Digital mastery by Peter Feistl.

Feedback on the Dargo Weekend (April 2/3) from Bill Simpson (10 minutes after he got home from the 1400 km ride) �Just a quick spiel on the Dargo weekender. In a nut shell the trip was fantastic. The crap weather that most thought was going to plague us didn�t eventuate.As far as I know everyone got home safe and well. The accommodation was great. The food at the Dargo pub kicked ass. The riding and roads totally rocked and of course the company was superb.I really want to thank Tim for the great job he did as ride leader and Ben for organising the weekend. This motorcycle club really is a great organisation and it�s the great members that make it what it is. Thanks to all involved.�

Damir Djikic has a near new red and black CBR1000 to replace his crashed grey one. He has not wasted a moment customising it with all the good bling including an Ohlin�s shock and a curvaceous exhaust. Welcome back.

John Willis and Rob Langer turned up on the Dargo Weekend ride with new Kawasaki Z1000s. John�s is black and Rob�s is candy apple green and they look completely different. John has ditched his Varadero XL1000 and Rob has added the Kawasaki to his stable of KTMs, BMs and a Ducati. Both riders seemed to enjoy the trip away and the reports on the bike were favourable. Rob loved the liquid power from the 1046cc motor tuned for torque rather than outright power, and the comfortable riding position. Rob thinks he will keep this bike for a long time, were his parting comments. John is now able to mix it at the front of the pack, having sufficient power, tyre and suspension performance in the new bike to push the envelope in relative safety. His rear tyre is testament to his new found confidence. It probably will only last the 1000 km Dargo ride.

Welcome to new member Boyd Witzerman from Hobart (Moonah), Tasmania. He rides an unusually cloaked Honda CBR1000 and has joined us for a couple of weekends away including spending three days with us in Tassy where we showed him the roads!He still is amazed by the Australia Day long weekend ride to the Snowy Mountains area on the best roads in the world.

Welcome to new member Joe Klopfer riding a Kawasaki ZRX1200S. He has completed his three rides and likes the look of us. Turns out he used to be a member many years ago and has rediscovered us. There seems to be a mini resurgence of the Kawasaki marque � and here is another one! We wish him many safe and fun rides.

Email from Club Treasurer Peter Feistl updating us on his activities. �Dear MSR colleagues, Just thought I would throw a few paragraphs together to let you know what�s happening on my side of the road, being that I have not been on a club ride since the December Dargo adventure. Fundamentally the time has come to close a few unfinished chapters in my life by finalising the divorce, selling the property and relocating to new premises.  

In order to do that I had to simplify things and the first casualty was the GSXR750. The insurance company saw my claim and paid me out in full after lots of questions and 2 months wait, so that was easy... The money is in the bank so when Spring rolls around, I�ll trade in the Blackbird and stay with just one bike. My next bike will be the CBR1000RR and I�ll join the likes of Misho with a coloured bike � RED. Hopefully the new models will be available by Sept/Oct and if the Aussie dollar is still high, I will seriously consider importing from America. I have been on the Glucosamine tablets and the wrists have been fantastic with no sharp pain experienced for months � unless I forget to take them. It has certainly helped as the wrists get a workout with all that painting.

Most of my weekend time has been spent fixing the house inside and out - just getting it ready to sell. It�s amazing how much wear and tear happens to a place when 4 kids, one Great Dane and four cats live in a house and have parties and the �ex� generally neglects the place because it�s all too hard. So its patching plaster and lots & lots of painting to freshen up a big house. The main living areas are all done and the garden has been considerably pruned, weeded and replanted and is now looking good.

The house insurance company is also assessing a claim to have the roof replaced following the hailstorm in Feb/March last year. Hopefully that gets done soon. The objective is to have the house on the market by mid May.

Then looking for a new place starts. My 16yo old daughter will come and live with me (wherever that is) as I have a credit card and enjoy taking her shopping and to the footy etc. My other daughter works in a bank so hopefully she can help with a loan...

Well, that�s it for now but I�ll send an update for the next magazine or two.