TrenthamMK III������ Sunday 16th January 2011

Cliff Peters(leader)

Kawasaki ZX10

Misho Zrakic

Honda CBR1000

Jason Wilson

Kawasaki ZX9

Damir Djikic

Honda CBR1000

Roman Biaroza (4th ride)

Kawasaki GPx250

Paul Southwell

Honda CBR1000

Dan Jones(1st ride)


Michael Balrshunou (1st ride)

Honda CBR1000

Karl Trsek (1st ride)

Suzuki GSXR600

John Rousseaux/Kate Stewart

Honda CBR1000

Geoff Dick (1st ride)

BMW 850R

Ron Johnston

Honda CBF1000

Marc Marais

Triumph 675

Ben Warden

Honda CBR954

Rick Van (3rd ride)

Yamaha YZF600

Kurn Bridgeman

Honda CBR600

Eddie Simonis (rear)

Moto Guzzi1200S

Pina Garasi

Honda CBR600


My day started off by looking out the window to see overcast and foggy weather which prompted me to put thermal pants on - which later turned out to be a mistake. Next step was to work out how to get to Whittlesea as I seem to never to go the same way. I arrived to see Cliffy and a few new faces. It wasn�t long before Ben, Misho, Pina, and Damir rock up, with Misho donning a new jacket, the same as mine. He asked how much? We reached the same conclusion: he got it a bit cheaper.

Before I knew it we were getting ready to leave. (As per usual I wasn�t paying attention.) So off we go to Yea. What a great road. Corner marking at Yea with Paul, we noticed that a GSXR took a wrong turn, so a quick chase down and we were soon on our way again.

We stopped at Seymour near the railway station for morning tea. By this stage I was roasting no thanks to the thermal pants. We move on to the servo for fuel. As we leave the servo I decide to mark which way to go but Ben lets me know that we can only go one way! Thanks. Off I go.

Down the road a bit further we turn towards Pyalong - I only know this as I remember the sign. Now I have no idea where I am or where I�m going, but I�m having fun anyway. All off a sudden I realize this is Woodend. How the heck did I get here? We fill up and get some lunch at the bakery. I overheard Ben and Misho saying how they should sell their Hondas and upgrade to the more superior Kawasaki. Just joking. Sounds good though, hey? (My first 8 bikes were Kawasakis �Ed.)

We head off once again to �I don�t know, just following the bike in front. We then came across a road closed sign. It didn�t look too closed to me, or anyone else for that matter. Down the road further (Blackwood �Ed) it was apparent as to why; a landslide covered all of the road, leaving just enough room for us to squeeze by. I then notice a policeman having a chat with Cliffy. It looked like they knew each other, so I continued on my way. Soon enough Cliff was back in front.

Further down the road we make a left turn. Before I knew it we were doing about a dollar fifty when I notice a police car going in the opposite direction. Oops! A quick right turn at the next intersection with Paul waving us through and the pace picks up drastically. I noticed that a few bikes went past me, one of them Pina. �Like hell!� I thought.I�m faster than her. I�m not going to be last. So I took off.

Misho and Damir were marking the next corner so left I go, over the hill where Cliff was waiting. So my turn to corner mark. Kurn pulls up with me. Thinking it won�t be long, I have a stretch and a drink. Well, I couldn�t be more wrong. Thirty or so minutes go by when all of a sudden a police car comes over the hill and pulls up next to us. (Shit, here we go I thought.)

The policeman bails out the car mega pissed saying �You blokes think you can get away with anything.� He also said he clocked us doing 170 back on that road. (I remember thinking he has the wrong person as I was sure I was doing 270) (Poetic license I�m sure �Ed.) I said we didn�t come from that direction, we came from the other direction. So he asked, �what is down that road? It is there all the time and we should have noticed it.� Kurn was quick to reply with �paddocks�! Then I said �fences�! He was none too impressed and proceeded to ask, �ok then, what was the last town you went through?� I then said, �Shit mate, I don�t even know where I am now, let alone where I have been!� (See, not paying attention again.) He asked us why we were parked here. I said we were waiting for some friends. He asked what their names were. �Bill and Ben� I replied. He also threatened to send us fines in the mail for parking illegally, but by now he wasn�t one hundred percent sure it was us. He then said that nobody will be getting fines and to slow down. He took a private call on the mobile inside the car with the window up. That�s when I enquired whether we could leave before I got heatstroke standing around in the sun. That�s it, we�re off!

Eventually we catch up with the rest of the group and discuss some of the previous events before we head to Werribee to breakup.

I hope you all enjoyed the write-up. Thanks Cliff for leading a great ride in great weather, and to Eddie and John/Kate for doing rear riding duties.

Jason Wilson