Australia Day Weekend, Jindabyne

Wed. 26th to Sun. 30th January 2011

         Applications for this event have closed.

         9 am Berwick

         NSW Sport and Recreation Centre in Jindabyne - lodge style accommodation with 2 beds per room (7 rooms) with shared bathroom facilities, and a large kitchen/living area with a big screen TV.

         Ride up on Wednesday, ride around the Snowy Mountains Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and return to Melbourne on Sunday.

         A BBQ pack is being offered for the first night and a three course meal on nights two and four. We'll have a two course BBQ (sausages, steaks, salads, chocolate cake) as early or late as we wish on our back patio area. The pub $15 steak night (self cook) should do the other night meal.

         All you need is your toothbrush, a change of clothes. Bedding provided.

         Street legal, race replica tyres will last two barely days so regular road tyres are a more sensible option, unless you are prepared to change them.


Friday 4thto Monday 14thMarch 2011

         Restricted to Members and partners only

         Night sail to Devonport Fri 4thleave 9 pm, disembark 7.30 am

         Return day sail to Melbourne Monday 14th, depart 9 am (Labour Day Public Holiday)

         First three nights Tullah (West Coast) - reservations and deposit paid - $147 per person (includes breakfast)

         Second three nights Giants' Table Maydena (towards Hobart) - reservations and deposit paid - $198 per person (includes continental breakfast and first night restaurant dinner)

         Third two nights - St Helens (East coast) � cost tba

         Last night - Devonportish - for day sail on Monday � cost tba

         Costs: night sail forward journey ($163 each for 4 person cabin), day sail return journey $118, bike ($54 x2) $108 return, car ($79x2) $158 return. So:

o   rider plus bike $389 (up $70 from initial price quoted)

o   driver plus car $439 (up $70 from initial price quoted)

o   couple with car and bike $828 (up $140 from initial price quoted)

If you are going, please pay a $100 deposit into the Club Bank account as soon as possible to facilitate a possible group discount. The remaining Spirit of Tasmania ferry charges will be required by January 25th. Initial booking is 20 persons.

Accommodation monies will be required by 20th February.