Who�s News �������������� December 2010

The Club web site at www.melbsportsbike.net.au accumulated 714 hits during December, up 106 on last month � probably due to the number of events and better riding weather. Total visits are 65,576 since April 1996. The counters on the other pages after another month indicate that the Calendar page took 578 hits (total 14,512, up 68) since 28th October 2008 and Great Roads 162 hits (total 3,854).

Membership now stands at 76 (up 2 this month).Official kilometres for the month of December: 4856 km, up 1533 from last month � Dargo and Xmas boosting the numbers. Official Club kilometres for the month (people x ride length): 48,689 km, up 31,969 km on last month, indicating a large number of well attended events for the month. The 2010 year total is 345,675 km; average yearly total 324,241 since 2005. We exceeded the average by 21,000 km despite the record wet weather throughout the year. The people km per injury for 2010 is 86,419; long term it is 122,930 km.

Seen at the Social Sip, Mark�s Place in Carlton on Thursday 2nd December: Julie and Ben Warden, John Rousseaux and Kate Stewart, Trevor and Barbara Rolfe Harris, Ian Payne, John Willis, Peter Philferan, Paul Southwell, Kurn Bridgeman, Jacinta Thomas and Tim Emons. 13 people. It was excellent to see Jacinta up and about after major back surgery.

The Club Participant of the Year is based on aggregate points accumulated at 1 point per ride, an extra point for leading or being rear rider, and 1 point per magazine article (maximum 2 per magazine). Attending one or more days of a weekend event scores 3 points for leading, 3 for rear riding duties and 2 points for participating.

The count is for the 2010/11 year ending the ride before the 2011 AGM in July. After six months the top ten positions are: Ben Warden (49.5), Cliff Peters (37), Pina Garasi (33), Ron Johnston (30), John Willis (27), Paul Southwell (24), Misho Zrakic (22), Ian Payne (22), Dennis Lindemann (19), and Tim Emons (19). The big mover for the month was John Willis who jumped four places. Paul jumped a couple of places as well now that he is back riding again. Tim Emons replaced Ha Du in 10th spot.

Front Cover: Xmas Camp montage. Clockwise from top left: view from The Horn (Mt Buffalo), Cliff Peters at sunset at The Horn, Julie and Ben Warden, Danielle and Joshua Weyermayr in the willow tree at the camp, Chris Pointon at Dartmouth Dam, Peter Weyermayr and his CBR929, 11 of 13 tyres replaced by Cliff for various people, Misho Zrakic loves his Q2 rear tyre, Mark Copeland and his ZX10, John Willis, Misho Zrakic, Pina Garasi, and Paul Southwell at Dartmouth Dam,Kurn Bridgeman and his CBR600 at Mt Buffalo Chalet carpark. Centre picture: Liz Weyermayr, Ian Payne, Pina Garasi, Misho Zrakic, Cliff Peters and Paul Southwell.

Back Cover: MSR Xmas party at Fairfield Park. Back row: Ken Goederee, Ron Johnston, Ian Payne, Dave Ward, Renzo Cunico, Misho Zrakic, David Williams, Pina Garasi, Don Liao, Geoff Jones, Tim Walker, Trevor Harris, Kurn Bridgeman, Barb Rolfe Harris, Dennis Lindemann, Bianca Lindemann, John Willis, Greg Jeffery, Peter Weyermayr and Malu Ferrer. Front row: Peter Feistl, John Rousseaux, Kate Stewart, Robert Langer, Liz, Joshua and Danielle Weyermayr, Jo Southwell, Kerrie Gooding. Ben Warden behind the lens; digital mastery by Peter Feistl.

Email from Pierre Ong on 6th Dec re: Dargo �I hope you had a great weekend ride. Just giving you an update on the fuel leak on the 1098. A major crack occurred around one of the inserted nuts at the bottom of the carbon cell. This caused fuel to leak from the flange.  By the time my other half got to Berwick with the OEM cell it was around 1.30 pm.  Another hour and half to change it over and the day was almost gone so I decided to call it a day. Big thumbs up to Dennis for spotting the leak.  I probably would not have noticed it and may have ended up doing an Akari Yanagawa down the freeway.    (Ball of fire� Ed.)

Dennis Lindemann crashed on the Licola Road on the last day of the Dargo weekend. The bike was rideable and there appeared to be only minor cosmetic damaged. The bike was deemed a �repairable write-off�, so Dennis will get paid out and the bike will go to auction. Dennis is now back riding his old black CBR600. See his article for more details.

Paul Southwell crashed riding up Mt Hotham on Thu 30th December. He suffered the usual bumps and bruises but otherwise walked away. The bike suffered minor cosmetic damage only, but the fairing bracket snapped at the steering head making it unrideable. He expects to have it back on the road for this Sunday�s ride after getting the steering head welded and a new bracket installed.

We wish Dennis and Paul speedy recoveries and look forward to seeing them back on two wheels soon, though with Dennis� first child imminent, this may take a little longer.

Ben and Julie Warden drove across to Dargo from the Xmas Camp on Wednesday 30th to visit Lyn Duncan and catch up with Dan and Maggie at the Dargo General Store. Lyn was house-minding a property high up on top of a hill overlooking the township of Dargo and sends the best of the season to all her friends in the MSR. For the record, leaving Dargo and climbing straight up into the mountains, there is 20 km of good bitumen followed by 48 km of dirt across the High Plains Road to just below Mt Hotham summit. Back to Harrietville, Bright and Porepunkah makes a total of 125 km taking 1 hour 55 minutes driving time in the Magna. It just feels like 4 hours � as a passenger!

Email from Bill Simpson: I just got a set of MC tyres from the US today. It took six days from placing the order to delivery. Not too bad. I've fitted and balanced the front tyre and I'm keeping the rear for the Tassie trip. I saved about $100 and I will save even more next time because the supplier Ben told me about (MOTOSPORT) do much cheaper freight that the mob I used do. Thanks Ben!

I found that the fitting was quite easy too. I've made my own bead breaker and static wheel balancer and I got some new tyre levers for my birthday. As well as a KENEG front stand so it�s all good. A little bit of set up cost but really i saved this cost on the first change. Plus it�s fun to do it yourself.Oh and I fitted some 90 degree valve stems as well.

Now I'm just about finished a motorcycle work bench so that I'm not crawling around the workshop floor on my knees when doing the job. It's not everyone�s bag but for me I really like the saving, doing the job and paying through the nose for rubber. By the way, I got a Michelin Pilot Power on the front and a Road 2CT rear.

Seehttp://www.motosport.com/motorcycle/index.php for more details.