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Established in 1955, the Melbourne Sportsbike Riders is an all-makes club for motorcycle owners. The rides are sport touring oriented and cater for modern sports bike riders. The Club is reknowned for its well run rides, excellent organisational ability and depth of riding experience.

Rides are between 200km and 500km long, every Sunday. Hence the Club attracts the more mature person, usually riding a big-bore sports/touring machine, who can afford his or her 'habit'. Of course new riders on smaller machines are well looked after, especially by using our corner marking system. Unnecessary dirt roads and major highways are avoided where possible.

In an effort to cater for a broad spectrum of tastes the rides vary in length and style. Occasional weekends away usually incorporate hotel or B&B accommodation and tend to be in the better riding months of the year. Our favourite and regularly visited area is the Snowy Mountains region in southern New South Wales. Every second year we go to Tasmania for ten days, travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania (ferry) and staying in motel style accommodation.

An itinerary detailing the Club's activities for the next few weeks is published on the web for the Members' convenience. It contains a list of meeting times, starting points, and destinations of future rides and functions, and other useful information.

Rides depart at the times given on the itinerary. The times are strictly adhered to: being five minutes late may mean missing the ride. To save time, arrive with a full tank of petrol; we make appropriate stops en-route, and return late afternoon.

Due to the distances involved, a reliable, roadworthy bike (especially tyres), with the suspension set appropriately, is highly desirable. Victoria's weather is at best unpredictable, so wear, warm protective clothing. Carry wet weather gear. Sun glasses and ear plugs help reduce eye strain and fatigue-inducing wind noise.

No liquor is to be consumed on Club rides. When riding with a large group of riders, eight hours abstinence seems reasonable and responsible in the light of the ever increasing drink/driving penalties. More importantly, it offers the other riders a degree of security. Where deemed appropriate, and a Committee person is present, this rule may be waived. The Club seeks a sensible compromise.

One formal meeting a year is held in July, the AGM, at the Tower Hotel in Hawthorn. It is run along fairly informal lines. Refer to the itinerary for location and start time.

A monthly magazine is published on-line in the Members Only area of the web site.

Prospective members must attend at least three rides in the previous 12 months before applying for membership. Annual membership costs $30.

New riders are very welcome, so come along and join us.

Originally written May 1993, last modified:

13th September, 2016

1st August, 2019 - deleted reference to printed magazine