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Melbourne Sportsbike Riders, Incorporated (1987)

Hereafter called the Association.

Road Rules of the Association

These road rules shall be issued to all members of the association and shall be recognized as a component part of the Rules of the Association.

  1. The normal road traffic regulations of the particular State apply to those participating in an Association ride.
  2. Start the day with a full tank of fuel.
  3. A leader and rear rider will be appointed for the day. It is your duty to observe who are the leader and rear rider who have been appointed for the ride or part thereof.
  4. At the start of each ride, the leader shall inform the group of the details of the intended ride.
  5. Prepare to move off behind the leader when asked to do so.
  6. Do not overtake the leader.
  7. Proceed at a safe distance from the machine in front (e.g., 2-3 second rule).
  8. Overtaking :-
    1. When overtaking use extreme caution.
    2. Ensure that there is ample room in front of the vehicle to be overtaken.
    3. Clear indication of your intention to overtake must be given.
    4. Only overtake on the right, except where permitted under Road Rule 1.

  1. Corner Markers :-
    1. When the leader turns a corner, the following two riders must stop and indicate the way to following riders.
    2. They must not proceed until the rear rider comes or his messenger advises alternative action to be taken.
    3. If a rider does not appear within a reasonable period of time, one of the corner markers may go back to determine the reason for the delay.
    4. The leader may at any time indicate additional corner markers.

  1. If a machine breaks down, the following two machines and the rear rider shall stop. After estimating the time delay, one of the riders will proceed to inform the corner markers and the leader of the situation. The rear rider shall not overtake any other machine on the ride.

  1. No rider shall stop for refreshment or fuel until the leader stops. Check fuel after each stop and top up if you have any doubts at all.
  2. All cars travelling with the Club shall travel at the rear of all machines or in front of, if so desired. Endeavor shall be made to avoid travelling in convoy.
  3. Any member wishing to leave the main body on the journey before the next stop is reached, must first inform the group and the group leader. If this is not possible he must inform the rear rider. He must ensure no-one follows him accidentally.

  1. Secondary Departure Points :-

(As specified in the Itinerary)

Riders may form at a secondary departure point and should be ready to leave when a clear signal is given by the approaching leader. The leader may not necessarily stop at this point.

  1. Dangerously unroadworthy machines will not be permitted on the day's ride.

  1. Motorcycle Clothing :-
    1. The wearing of sandals, thongs or other open-toed shoes is strictly prohibited when travelling on association riders.
    2. Members shall be encouraged to wear appropriate protective clothing.

  1. Riding Other's Machines :-
  2. No member shall ride or interfere with another member's machine without that member's approval.

  3. Membership of Two Clubs :-
  4. Where a member belongs to two clubs and both clubs attend the one competitive function, the member, if travelling with the Association, shall compete for the Association.

  5. Alcohol and Illicit Drugs :-
  6. No member shall consume alcohol or illicit drugs during the full duration of any one-day ride, nor shall any member carry alcohol or illicit drugs on his/her machine. The carrying or consumption of alcohol may be permitted by all Committee members present on special occasions only. Breach of this rule shall carry a suspension of three months.